Lions Hearing Clinic - Hearing Services and Testing in Perth, WA.

Your ability to hear directly affects your quality of life, whether you are a farmer, businessman, retiree, student or a working mum. The experts at the Lions Hearing Clinic offer a wide range of services to address many types of hearing loss and disorders. Whilst we provide hearing tests, hearing aids, assistive listening devices and other hearing products, our services go well beyond the technology to give you the best hearing outcome throughout life.

Our seven hearing centres around the Perth metropolitan area provide hearing tests and assessments for individuals, WorkCover and other organisations. Our specialist services include comprehensive assessment and customised treatment programs for tinnitus, complex hearing loss, children’s services, central auditory processing disorder, single sided deafness, invisible hearing technology and hereditary hearing loss.

The Lions Hearing Clinic originated from the Lions Hearing Foundation. Today we’re part of the Ear Science Institute Australia (ESIA), remaining a not-for-profit organisation with a strong spirit of caring for those in need.